Core to Extremity Fitness is an independently owned and operated company offering Personal Training, Bootcamps, Small Group Functional Fitness Training and Olympic Lifting based in of Enfield, Nova Scotia.

Amanda Corkum, Owner/Head Trainer, is dedicated to provide you with exceptional service. With her education and experience you will receive quality training. Find out more about Amanda and her credentials below.

Core to Extremity Fitness is for all fitness levels and focuses on functional movements. Functional movements are movements that mimic patterns used in everyday life. For example, a squat is standing from a seated position and a deadlift is picking any object up off the ground. Functional movements are performed in a wave of contraction from “core to extremity” and are also compound (multi-joint) movements.

Training with functional movements takes advantage of the natural mechanics of the human body, meaning they are safe to perform provided good technique is demonstrated.

Through varying high intensity functional fitness training you will see results and will never get bored.

Contact info@coretoextremityfitness.net to discuss how to start your journey towards a stronger version of Yourself!

About Amanda – Owner/Head Trainer

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology12525522_1139517199426071_3929888819385502265_o
  • Certificate in Disability Management
  • CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer®
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1 Instructor
  • NCCP Level 1 Weightlifting Coach
  • Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 – in progress
  • Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  • Pilot license
  • 2016 Nova Scotia Senior Women Record holder: Snatch, Clean and Jerk at 75+Kg

Growing up I was never really interested in team sports but was always interested in fitness and intrigued with how the body moves. However, it was not until I decided to switch career paths from commercial pilot and go back to school that I really began my journey in health and fitness.

In my first year of Kinesiology, I had the opportunity to teach outdoor group fitness and stroller classes at Point Pleasant Park and Shubie Park. After that I got involved in CrossFit where I fell in love with functional fitness, especially weightlifting, and worked my way into a coaching position after becoming a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer.

After graduating from Dalhousie in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a certificate in disability management, I moved out of the city and bought a house in Enfield where I grew up. At that time, I saw a need in the area for more fitness services and wanted to share my passion for fitness with the community.

I am continually seeking educational opportunities to provide myself and my clients with the highest quality of training. Outside of training other people, I keep up with my own training regiment as a competitive Olympic Weightlifter.

What you can expect training with me?

  • Personalized training to work towards your goals.
    • Areas of specialization:
      • Strength + Conditioning
      • Olympic Lifting
      • Kettlebells
      • Women
      • Young athletes
    • Fun, challenging, progressive programming, which will vary to ensure that you do not get bored!
    • Focus on functional fitness to better prepare you to handle everyday activities.
    • Reduced risk of injury and improved overall quality of life.